Murrabit Group School

We want the children of Murrabit Group School to fly! Our belief is that every student has the ability to learn, and that this best occurs in a flexible, warm, happy and positive environment.


Principal's Message

Murrabit Group School is a community centred school where a dedicated team of
teachers and support staff work together with the school community to provide
positive educational outcomes for all students. We would like our children to have the
chance to fulfil their potential, to learn, to develop excellent social skills and to build
important life skills such as resilience, independence, responsibility and a sense of fair

Our vision is ‘We want the children at Murrabit Group School to fly!” and our beliefs as
a school are based on the core values of respect, honesty, teamwork, learning and

  • Respect: value yourself, others and the environment.
  • Honesty: being open and honest in all transactions with all people.
  • Teamwork: learning together to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Learning: developing and acquiring knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.
  • Persistence: through hard work, dedication and self-belief children can achieve
    their personal best.

Our staff realise the joint responsibility in helping your child grow by providing an
environment where children can develop to their highest potential in all areas through
offering stimulating programs across a broad range of learning styles.

The school has strong parent and wider community support which further enhances all
children’s education at our school and I know that, at Murrabit Group School, every
child’s school days are happy and rewarding.
I hope that this website gives you an insight into our wonderful school and look forward
to working with you and your child as they progress through their educational journey.

Yours sincerely,

Gaby Hogg
Acting Principal

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