• Murrabit Group School values and nurtures student voice, agency and leadership. This goes beyond giving students the opportunity to communicate ideas and opinions; it empowers students to influence change in their school and their community. It provides opportunities for students to collaborate and make decisions with adults about what and how they learn, and how their learning is assessed.
  • Murrabit Group School has defined leadership roles such as School Captains, Sports Captains and Bus Captains, senior students attend a leadership conference and also complete a leadership project. Cross age activities between grades ensures leadership skills occur automatically, in class and in the playground.

2022 School Leaders:

School Captains:
Maddi and Lyla

Vice-School Captains:
Callum and Kane

Sports Captains:
Cooper and Ivy

Vice-Sports Captains:
Lyla and Jed

Bus Captains:
Drew and Callum